Wonder hedge, quick-grow hedge


HedgeTex plastic foil


(Package contains: a large piece of plastic foil sized 10metre long and 0.6metre wide)


1 .Keeps away weeds without cultivation
2. Retains soil moisture
3. Water-permeable (Precipitation can leak through)
4 .Ensures optimal ventilation of soil
5. Helps to grow healthy green leafage


Keeping the soil wet will enhance the Wonder Hedge to grow fast. Therefore it is suggested to use HedgeTex plastic foil. The dense polyethylene textile is permeable to moisture/water, guarantees soil ventilation, prevents soil becoming too acidic, keeps weeds away from the Wonder Hedge and retains soil moisture by decreasing effects of evaporation.



The texture consists of match thick Polyethylene fibres.

The plastic foil is 60 cm wide (useful width is ~40cm), the edges are welded to prevent tares and breakages.

Using conventional/traditional Polyethylene foil sometimes leads to opposite results. However it can help to prevent weeds but natural precipitation or irrigation water is not allowed through to the hedge roots, as it evaporates from the foil surface.
Cutting out small pieces randomly from the conventional foils also does not help.
Uneven soil will cause the water to flow to lower surface parts of the foil where evaporation will occur resulting in lack of moisture to the soil and roots.

One package contains enough foil for planting ten metres of wonder hedge.

HedgeTex was developed considering the most optimal usage as one package contains enough foil for planting ten metres of Wonder Hedge
After trimming the hedge in spring (the first spring) 10-15 cm high above soil surface, cut x-shaped holes to slip over the Wonder Hedge shoots. .

If you plant the hedge in autumn, the plastic foil has to be placed on it only in spring after the first trimming (10-15cm above soil surface). Create x-cuts and position the root in the middle of it.

The plastic foil with the x-cuts can easily be pulled on the hedge roots. It is suggested to stabilize the edges of the foil by placing stones or some soil on it, to prevent from moving by wind.

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£10 / package (1 package foil is enough for 10 metre hedge)

HedgeAqua trickle irrigation system  

Effective plant growing requires sunlight, soil, moisture and nutrients. Lacking even one of these can result in malnourishment of the plant.

HedgeTex plastic foil helps you to provide perfectly effective water management of the plant. However, if you aspire to have a 100% effective system, use of the HedgeAqua trickle irrigation system under HedgeTex foil is needed.

All parts of the HedgeAqua trickle irrigation system were developed to promote the outstanding growing features of Wonder Hedge, even in extreme conditions.

The plastic pipe system has 1cm wide dripping leaks every 10cm along the pipe.

The system does not require central water service because it can operate perfectly at low pressures of 0,4 – 0,5 bar pressure, for example a water tank above ground.

HedgeAqua trickle irrigation system – like the HedgeTex plastic foil – consists of 10 m of pipe to irrigate up to 10 m of Wonder Hedge.

HedgeAqua trickle irrigation system package contains:



10 m long irrigation pipe with leaks

1 Hose Connector Male item to general garden irrigation pipe

1 Hose End Connector for end of HedgeAqua pipe

1 Hose Pipe Joiner to connect up multiple HedgeAqua systems

Hose Pipe Joiner to connect two irrigation pipes. Clamp is not necessary for its use .

Hose Connector Male for garden irrigation pipe. Clamp is not necessary for its use

Hose End Connector for irrigation pipe. Clamp is not necessary for its use.

  10 L / pack (1 package pipe is enough to irrigate 10 metres of Wonder Hedge).


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