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.......In the chilly November weather I enjoyed that little garden work when putting my wonder-hedge into earth. We had been waiting for Spring very much because we did not know what this plant could do. I had been sure it had been "surely an overstatement" what you had written on the internet about the growing. But it came to leaf early, and we cut it back to 10 cm as the company had recommended. It seemed to be unbelievable that these erect littletoothpicks" would grow to a massive hedge.
But it brought its leaves and buds shockingly quickly. As we cut again and again, it became more and more dense. I am pleased for I have found this plant.
József Fehér, Miskolc (+36-70/369-3527)
May 29th, 2006.

.......When I planted the hedge before the winter, I thought, hoooooh I had been cheated because surely these dry twigs would bring nothing. I thought it must have been just a cheat on the internet. My back almost broke in planting them. In the mid ot the garden I planted 1 elm tree, too.
My mother laughed when she saw it.
In the Spring we watched curiously what will be from them. Hoooh my chin dropped when it began to grow its leaves. We jumped around it.
In the Spring my girlfriend cut them back as prescribed.
Aaaaaa, my heart split seeing my girlfriend cutting the green hedge with scissors to 10 cm.
As I saw it, I thought I'd get a heart attack. I said myself 'gone, the hedge project is over'. A couple of days later I went back to see it - it was like it had never been cut back.
I began to water them, every evening, I also bought them horse manure and now they are 20 - 40 cm high.

In the Spring I went down into the cellar for the watering device - I said myself 'I water the hedge'. My girlfriend asks, what is this in the corner, what are these two dried twigs.
Huuu, f... it, these are the 2 elm trees I have not planted.
I ran out quickly, dug a pit for the two elm trees, put them in and watered them. My girlfriend said they were hopeless, I had made a botch of them. The two trees did not give much signs of life, but we knew they lived because they were green under their barks. It was today when my girlfriend said they had been budding like the first one.
The hedge started to grow clearly after I had put the horse manure mixed with earth under them. In July we"ll cut them back again. .........
Ádám Nyírpazony +36 20 563 17 07
June 19th, 2006.

.........After recieving the plant I had no time for planting them for up to two weeks. I rang up the company, they said to put them into buckets full of water and there would not be problems until planting them. Frankly I was a little sceptical. It was a huge relief when two weeks later I saw there were no damages to the plants. Our garden is on a hilly area, its soil is full of stones and previously no plants could have been planted there, so I did not expext a "wonder" now. However come spring some of the 300 plants started to grow. I knew they would not reach 1,5 m in the first year in such a soil. But I am very pleased with the 70 cm they have reached.
Kauker Istvánné Veszprém ( +36 30-396-14-50)
July 29th, 2006.

.......At first I had doubts but time justified what you had advertised on the Internet, namely this is a plant which shows its gratitude for careful nourishment. My effective watering and weeding has resulted in a hedge growing quickly and becoming more dense as time has past.
Cutting back after planting the hedge resulted in a plant with dense foliage. After the second cutting most of the plants reached the height of one and a half meter. I finished the last cutting in this year today (September 4th) at the height of 60 cm, hoping the plant develops an even denser foliage in the Spring; my experiences are really promising, Tuskestan elm is a wonder hedge indeed. Hereby I send some photographs as evidence. (The wire fence is 2 meters high.)
With best wishes:
József Szabó, member, Ulmus fan
Veszprém - Kádárta Cseralja út 7.

.....One cannot forget Wonder Hedge as our hedge rows are living proof. I tell you honestly, when you came to us in last October and brought 2500 little hedge saplings in the luggage rack of your car I was a little bit sceptical about this wonder plant.
From these 2500 saplings we have been able to create 500 metres a hedge rows at our different sites. In Diósd we planted 1200 of the saplings, where the conditions are most severe, without regular watering. We added fertile soil, but there is a rocky layer under the surface. Still the plants grow very well, having to cut it back twice in the first year and they reached an impressive height of 1.2 meters. Where they get more water, at the rain drain, they are marvellously dense. Further 1300 stocks have been planted in Gyúró in our own garden.
We could not manage to plant them in the Autumn because frosts came, we dug them and planted them in the end of March. There is a good soil there, we installed an automatic dripping equipment for watering and following your advice we put a black industrial polythene on as weed protection. The plants have deserved the title WONDER HEDGE. In the beginning of May just tiny leaves were there on them but by the end of June the plants reached a height of 1 meter.
We then cut them back to about 30 cm. After two weeks the new sprouts came, after 4 weeks one could not see we had cut them back as they were now three times as dense. The third cutting back happened in the middle of July, to a height of 40-50 cm, and now, in the first week of August they have 80-90 cm long sprouts again. In this year we plan to let them to grow up to 1.2 metres, and the plan for next year is to reach 2 - 2,5 meters. Everyone are amazed by the hedge and they are now far superior to wax-trees in our neighbourhood which were planted 3-4 years before. We are happy to show our hedges to anyone and can send pictures via email.
My e-mail address:
We managed our irrigation system with an Italian made well pump distributed by our company, one can read more about it on websites and .
With best wishes:
Eszter Jász
manager Phone:+36 23 545 293
Fax:+36 23 545 093
2049 Diósd, Vadrózsa u. 13.

A hedge is always a jewel of our garden. Wonder hedge is the optimal solution.
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