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Wonder Hedge is lush, resilient, fast growing hedge that is perfect for screening and shaping. Ideal for boundaries and fence lines around your home, or as a feature within your yard.

When you receive your delivery it's important to stand the hedge roots in water, making sure the roots are completely covered with water. Your Wonder Hedge will survive for weeks if kept in water in a cool, dark place.

Yes the highly resilient nature of Wonder Hedge makes it a great choice for clay soils however we recommend adding some sand to the soil once you have dug your holes.

No, it's quite straightforward and actually fun to do. Each hole should be roughly 30-40cm deep and round.

No it requires very little maintenance, however for best results we recommend regular watering and occasional pruning.

The plant will naturally want to grow straight up, however for a full, dense hedge it's important to get it growing out as well as up. To achieve this it's recommended that you prune bravely, even if it leaves you with no sprouts on the trunk of the plant. Don't worry it will grow back bigger and better than ever.


Henry Addie
Bansha, Co. Tipperary
Republic of Ireland

Mobile:+353 85 2848148

With over a decade of experience selling and delivering Wonder Hedge in 18 countries around the world, Wonder Hedge is a company that you can trust.