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Preparing to plant
If you live in an area that does experience frosts it pays to do a little preparation work in the lead up to the first frost of the year. It pays to dig your holes in advance before the ground becomes too hard. The holes themselves should be around 30-40cm deep and 30-40cm wide. 
Prior to planting, it's recommended that you:
• Soak the roots in water for 24 hours prior to planting.
• Mix compost into the soil that you remove from the hole before filling in around the roots.
• If you have heavy soil or clay in the soil it is advisable to add sand to the soil.
• To help increase the growth rate consider placing a strip of black plastic in the hole underneath the roots. This will help to keep the soil moist and retard the growth of weeds.
• Place the roots into the hole and then add your soil/compost mixture around the roots.
• Gently press the soil in onto the roots taking care to ensure that the plant remains upright.

How to plant
How you plant your Wonder Hedge is up to you but as a suggestion we recommend, one of two approached. The first is to plant a single row of roots with roughly 20cm of space between them. This will result in a fast-growing, full hedge.

A second option is to plant two rows which are offset. So each plant is staggered so it sits in between, rather than directly behind the plant in front of it. In this situation, we recommend planting approximately 8-9 plants for every meter of distance.
Since one of its planting times is the period after the first frosts it is worth to dig the planting holes in advance before the gound is too hard (with depth and width of about 30-40 cm). When planting in the Spring, no advanced preparation is needed but the same planting hole specifications should be followed. 
1. Soak roots of the plant in water 24 hours prior to planting.
2. Mix in compost to the removed soil and add sand to heavy soils containing clay
3. . Place the plant into the hole, scatter the soil mix onto the roots, and tread it gently until hard ensuring plants are in an upright position.
Tip: To increase the rate of growth, place a stripe of black plastic under the plants ( directly on the ground), which will prevent weeds overgrowing and to keep the soil moist.

Cultivating your plant
Wonder Hedge responds well to watering. Regular irrigation of the plant will encourage rapid growth and quickly establish your hedge.
A little bit of pruning is important to encourage thick, dense growth. To achieve this we recommend cutting the plants back to 10-15 cm above ground level during their first spring. This will encourage the plant to branch out creating a thicker hedge.
Long sprouts will typically appear in summer and these should be pruned back to roughly half their length. This process should be repeated in autumn as required.
Even though your Wonder Hedge is fast growing we do not recommend letting it grow higher than 1 – 1.5 meters in their first year, as keeping it to this height will create a denser hedge. In the spring of their second year allow them to grow up to 2 meters high. At the end of the second spring, you may begin to cut them into the shape that you desire.



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