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Why use liquid fertilizer?

Modern farming expects liquid fertilizer to provide incredibly high quality of plant nutrition. Require to be used for both soil nutrients or as leaf manure.


The purpose of liquid fertilizer is to provide direct nourishment for your plants, not the soil micro organisms.

The purpose of solid fertilizer is to provide nourishment for the soil organisms that drive your soil's life processes, not the plants. Consequently, solid organic fertilizers are called “slow release” because it is the action of the microherd that breaks them down and releases the nutrients in a form the plants can use. Though it is very questionable whether the solid fertilizers reach the actual root of the plant. The dissolvent of these solid fertilizers it is highly rain and/or irrigation-dependent.

Meaning solid fertilizer is only really beneficial on smaller root systems as it is easy to target those roots. Wonder Hedge is completely different from those plants because 2-5 months after planning it is very hard to tell how the root system lies below the surface of the soil. This is why the best option to fertilize the plant through their leaves. This is immediately very effective when and where it is needed.

Why choose “Damisol® Extra Concentrated Plant Food for Wonder Hedge” fertilizer?

The Damisol® Extra Concentrated Plant Food for Wonder Hedge is a concentrate which gives an extra nutritional boost to the plant, to speed up the growth of the root system and provide dense leafage.
We cannot achieve rapid growth without the right/adequate nutrition. On very dry, clay and poor soils most of the plants die out but “Wonder Hedge” is able to grow at half the speed of what we promise in normal conditions. In this case we recommend using the Damisol® Extra Concentrated Plant Food for Wonder Hedge.

The soil should be treated with the fertilizer when planting in the autumn and also in the spring just before the plants bud. Between spring and autumn dynamic growth is achievable by fertilizing the leafage which has also improves and speeds up the leafiness of the plant.Right after planting soak the soil around the base of the plant to feed the roots. It will rapidly start the growth of the plant. When using soil fertilizers make sure to use a double dose.

How to use:

Planting at a concentration of 0,15% using a whole bottle(400ml) to 267 litres of water. If 1 litre of solution is used

•  for 1 plant than the whole solution would be enough for 267 roots.

•  Fertilizing leafage at a concentration of 0,25% the whole solution would be enough for 300 plants during a year.

Use 2 bottle of Damisol® Extra Concentrated Plant Food for Wonder Hedge in the year of planting to ensure the dynamic growth even in worse soils.


We send out “Damisol® Extra Concentrated Plant Food for Wonder Hedge” with your hedge order if required.

Net weight: 400ml

Enough for 200-250 stock (40-50 metres)

Price: £7

Buy 2 and get 3rd Half Price (£17.50)

Damisol® Extra Concentrated Plant Food for Wonder Hedge

“May the green power be with you”


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