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Price of Wonder Hedge Turkestan elm (Ulmus pumila celer) plant:

    (The price of the WonderHedge productsincludes VAT)  
25 -.99 roots are charged at the rate of Ł1.49 per root. *  
100 -.499 roots are charged at the rate of Ł1.29 per root.  
500+ roots and receive a discount rate of Ł0.80 per root.  
Package Deal

Each plant costs £0.69 if you order in package.


300 roots

£ 0.69

£ 207


2 bottles

£ 7

£ 14


6 packages

£ 10

£ 60


6 packages

£ 10

£ 60


£ 341

HedgeTex plastic foil £10 / package  
(1 package foil is enough for 10 metre hedge)
HedgeAqua trickle irrigation system 10£/ pack  
(1 package HedgeAqua is enough for 10 metre hedge)
Damisol® Extra Concentrated Plant Food £7  
(1 Damisol® Extra is enough for 300 WonderHedge plant and if you want to use for planting double dose recommended to ad some into the planting hole)
    Minimum quantity required to purchase is 25 plants per box.
The hedge roots are packed upto a maximum of 500 roots per package.
Free post and package when you order 50 plants or more! If you only order 25 plants, the standard delivery charge will apply: £5.
You will be informed on when your order was dispatched and expected delivery time.
Please note there are only two periods for deliveries per year.
Our prices (Wonder Hedge, delivery charge) including VAT.
Living hedges make our garden always fancy. Wonder Hedge is the optimal solution.
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