Hedge Calculator

As you know it, there isn’t a nicer or more natural way of separating space than a living hedge. But which plant should I use? What is the best solution for me?
The right hedge for you should be:

• modern, exclusive and very special
• the in stalled plants are guaranteed to be
• immunere in forced top revent some pathogens infect the soil
• to present security and tranquility
• to show strength, protection and health
• to protect from dust, noise and prying eyes
• to get it on the best, fairest, most decent,or most exclusive price

That is why you need a hedge calculator!

• Measure the length of the section where you are planning to install the hedge.
• Type in this length in metres.
• As soon as you click on the "Request a result"
• button you will immediately get the required quantity for 12 different plants.

The length of planting area

(The results show the required number of Thuja, cypress, beech, rowan, aspen, privet, juniper, lilac, hazelnuts, pine, snowymespilus ®, wonderhedge®, plants)


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