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Turkestan elm (Ulmus pumila celer)
A deciduous, bright green, small leafed plant which forms a dense hedge.
Grows rapidly (3 meters in 2 years)
Offers substantial shading
Low maintenance
Good protection from the elements
Offers good soundproofing
Adjustable growing
Edible for animals. 

Wonder Hedge
Hugely popular throughout Europe, WonderHedge is now finally available in the United Kingdom and is already in high demand and little wonder has given the properties of this amazing plant.
One of the key benefits of Wonder Hedge is that it's fast growing. In fact, it's unlikely you'll find another hedging plant that grows anywhere near as fast.
But it's not just the rapid growth that makes Wonder Hedge so attractive. It's also a stunning looking plant that offers thick growth so your hedge will always look full and healthy. No unsightly gaps and dead patches when you use Wonder Hedge.
Wonder Hedge is also very easy to plant, grow and maintain and is hardy enough to handle a range of different climates, which explains why this is one of the world's most popular hedges.
Wonder Hedge offers these amazing benefits:
• Fast growing – up to 3m in just 2 years
• Resilient, able to grow in almost any soil or climate
• Easy to plant
• Low maintenance
• Offers substantial shading
• Great for security
• Offers high levels of soundproofing
Best of all we can deliver your Wonder Hedge roots straight to your door, quickly and easily. Then simply follow our planting instructions and in no time you will have a lush, vibrant hedge that will be the envy of your neighbors.
So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to order your Wonder Hedge and turn your home into the most talked about property in the street.
Wonder Hedge is an extremely resistant deciduous plant featuring small bright green leaves.
Small leaves are ideal for hedges as they give the plant more volume and depth making them more visually appealing. But this is only part of the benefits that Wonder Hedge offers.
Rapid growth
Wonder Hedge can grow an amazing 1.2m – 1.8m tall in just one year. So expect a hedge over 3m tall in as little as 2 years! The plant itself reaches a maximum height of around 5m.
Easy to shape
Hedges with small leaves are typically much easier to prune into desired shapes or designs. The small leaves and dense foliage of Wonder Hedge make it ideal for forming to whichever shape suits your needs.
Low Maintenance
Wonder Hedge is very resilient and requires little maintenance. It responds well to water with its growth rates increased when well irrigated.
Excellent shading
Whilst some people believe large leafed hedges offer more shade it's actually more often the smaller, denser leafed hedges that offer the best shade. Wonder Hedge is a dense, small leafed hedge, a benefit that is enhanced when planted in offset rows.
Excellent soundproofing
Problems with road noise? Or perhaps you have noisy neighbors? If so Wonder Hedge can help. Due to its dense foliage Wonder Hedge offers excellent noise reduction qualities helping keep your home more tranquil.
One of the major benefits of Wonder Hedge is its ability to not only survive but to thrive in almost any soil and almost any climate. Wonder Hedge should be your first choice hedging plant if you have soil that is less than ideal for plant growth.
Edible for animals
Whilst you probably won't have animals eating your hedge, it's good to know that Wonder Hedge is not toxic to animals making it environmentally safe to plant in your home.
Once you have purchased your Wonder Hedge it's now time to look at planting and maintenance.
As previously mentioned Wonder Hedge is highly resilient, but there are still some steps that can be taken to help it become established and to accelerate its growth.

When to plant
The ideal time to plant your wonderhedge is between February to October. If for some reason you are unable to plant all roots during this time you may simply choose to put them in groups until the optimal planting time occurs. 


Price of WonderHedge Turkestan elm
 (Ulmus pumila celer) plant:

(The price of the WonderHedge products includes VAT)

      25 -  99 roots are charged at the rate of £ 1,49 per root. *
100 - 499 roots are charged at the rate of £ 1,29 per root.
500+ roots and receive a discount rate of £ 0.80 per root.

Minimum quantity required to purchase is 25 plants per box.

Package Deal

Each plant costs £ 0,69 if you order in a package with our recommended products :
300 roots Wonderhedge®plants
2 bottles Damisol Extra Plant Food
6 packages HedgeTex
6 packages HedgeAqua irrigation system

£ 341


Planting at a concentration of 0,15% using a whole bottle(400ml) to 267 liters of water

£ 7 /bottle 

The Damisol® Extra Concentrated Plant Food for Wonder Hedge is a concentrate which gives an extra nutritional boost to the plant, to speed up the growth of the root system and provide dense leafage.
We cannot achieve rapid growth without the right/adequate nutrition. On very dry, clay and poor soils most of the plants die out but “Wonder Hedge” is able to grow at half the speed of what we promise in normal conditions. In this case, we recommend using the Damisol® Extra Concentrated Plant Food for Wonder Hedge.
The soil should be treated with the fertilizer when planting in the autumn and also in the spring just before the plant's bud. Between spring and autumn, dynamic growth is achievable by fertilizing the leafage which has also improved and speeds up the leafiness of the plant.Right after planting soak the soil around the base of the plant to feed the roots. It will rapidly start the growth of the plant. When using soil fertilizers make sure to use a double dose.
How to use:
Planting at a concentration of 0,15% using a whole bottle(400ml) to 267 liters of water. If 1 liter of solution is used
• for 1 plant than the whole solution would be enough for 267 roots.
• Fertilizing leafage at a concentration of 0,25% the whole solution would be enough for 300 plants during a year.
Use 2 bottles of Damisol® Extra Concentrated Plant Food for Wonder Hedge in the year of planting to ensure the dynamic growth even in worse soils. 


1 package foil is enough for a 10-meter hedge, plastic foil sized 10 meters long and 0.6 meters wide

£ 10/package

1.Keeps away weeds without cultivation
2.Retains soil moisture
3.Water-permeable (Precipitation can leak through)
4.Ensures optimal ventilation of soil
5.Helps to grow healthy green leafage
The plastic foil is 60 cm wide (useful width is ~40cm), the edges are welded to prevent tares and breakages.
Using conventional/traditional Polyethylene foil sometimes leads to opposite results. However it can help to prevent weeds but natural precipitation or irrigation water is not allowed through to the hedge roots, as it evaporates from the foil surface.
Cutting out small pieces randomly from the conventional foils also does not help.
Uneven soil will cause the water to flow to lower surface parts of the foil where evaporation will occur resulting in lack of moisture to the soil and roots.


1 package HedgeAqua is enough for 10-meter hedge

£ 10/package

Effective plant growing requires sunlight, soil, moisture, and nutrients. Lacking even one of these can result in malnourishment of the plant.
HedgeTex plastic foil helps you to provide perfectly effective water management of the plant. However, if you aspire to have a 100% effective system, use of the HedgeAqua trickle irrigation system under HedgeTex foil is needed.
All parts of the HedgeAqua trickle irrigation system were developed to promote the outstanding growing features of Wonder Hedge, even in extreme conditions.
The plastic pipe system has 1 cm wide dripping leaks every 10cm along the pipe.
The system does not require central water service because it can operate perfectly at low pressures of 0,4 - 0,5 bar pressure, for example, a water tank above ground.
10 m long irrigation pipe with leaks
1 Hose Connector Male item to general garden irrigation pipe
1 Hose End Connector for end of HedgeAqua pipe
1 Hose Pipe Joiner to connect up multiple HedgeAqua systems

Minimum quantity required to purchase is 25 plants per box.
The hedge roots are packed up to a maximum of 500 roots per package.
Free post and package when you order 50 plants or more! If you only order 25 plants, the standard delivery charge will apply £5.
You will be informed on when your order was dispatched and expected delivery time.
Please note there are only two periods for deliveries per year.
Our prices (Wonder Hedge, delivery charge) including VAT.
How many plants will I need?
The answer to this depends on whether you intend planting a single row or if you're wanting a denser, thicker hedge, a double row.
For a single row, measure the total length of the area where you want your hedge to grow and divide it by 20cm – which is the space that should be allowed between each plant. That will give you the total number of plants you need.
For a double row, measure the total number of meters that you want your hedge to grow and multiply that number by 9, as we recommend 8-9 plants per meter to double row planting.
Delivery time
As Wonder Hedge is a living plant, delivery has to be fast as you would expect. So your Wonder Hedge roots will be delivered within a week, depending on, where to send the plants ( roots will be delivered within 24 hours of your order).
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With over a decade of experience selling and delivering Wonder Hedge in 18 countries around the world, Wonder Hedge is a company that you can trust.